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Q.    How much does it cost to enter?

A.    There is no entry fee for the Miss Statesville Scholarship Competition; however, each contestant must raise $100.00 for Miss America's chosen charity, the Children's Miracle Network.

Entry fee for Miss Statesville's Outstanding Teen is $100.00.


Q.    When are rehearsals?

A.    Rehearsals will normally be held on Friday nights prior to the competition. 


Q.    Do I get my score sheets after the competition?

A.    No. The score sheets are sealed by the field director and they are forwarded to the state pageant in Raleigh. The Miss Statesville Committee does not have access to the score sheets.


Q.    If I win, can I compete in other competitions?

A.    Miss Statesville is not allowed to hold any other title or compete for any other title while holding the Miss Statesville title. The Miss Statesville's Outstanding Teen and Carolina Princesses may not compete for any other title unless authorized to do so by the Miss Statesville Scholarship Committee. For all titles, the Miss Statesville Committee must approve any competition, talent modeling, or appearance of the titleholder.


Q.    How involved is Miss Statesville/Miss Statesville's Outstanding Teen schedule?

A.    There are many appearances and activities involved in the year of service. The main emphasis is placed on local community, school, and civic appearances, local Miss America preliminaries, parades, and other appearances. These are communicated by the respective business managers with as much advanced notice as possible. We will not conflict with any curricular activities for school that may affect our titleholders' educations.


Q.    What is a platform?

A.    The platform is a community service project to be implemented by Miss Statesville or Miss Statesville's Outstanding Teen, which should be a cause that is a personal service project that is near to the queen's interest. The implementation of the platform is a major part of the year of service.


Q.    Is the interview videotaped?

A.    Yes. The interview and pageant are videotaped. The interview of the contestant is only included in the copy ordered by that contestant alone. Interviews are kept confidential from other contestants.


Q.    Will the judges ask me political questions?

A.    The judges may ask questions on any subject but generally will try to get to know the contestant by the information submitted by each contestant on their entry fact sheet and platform statement. 


Q.    Is there a time limit on my talent performance?

A.    Yes. The time limit is 90 seconds for talent performances.


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